Reviews Sorted By Author


Brallier, Max- Can You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Bunn, Cullen- Blood Feud

Burke, Kealan Patrick- The Turtle Boy

Crisler, Lincoln- Wild




Gonzalez, JF and White, Wrath James- Hero




Keene, Brian- The Cage
Keene, Brian- An Occurence in Crazy Bear Valley

King, Stephen- Ur

Lamberson, Greg- Johnny Gruesome

Laymon, Kelly Gerlach, Steve and Chizmar, Steve-  In Laymons Terms
Laymon, Richard- The Beast House
Laymon, Richard- Beware
Laymon, Richard- The Cellar
Laymon, Richard- Funland
Laymon, Richard- In The Dark (guest review by Meli)
Laymon, Richard- The Midnight Tour
Laymon, Richard- One Rainy Night (guest review by Colum McKnight)
Laymon, Richard- Savage (guest review by Lincoln Crisler)
Laymon, Richard- The Traveling Vampire Show
Laymon, Richard- The Wilds
Laymon, Richard- The Woods Are Dark
Laymon, Richard (as Carl Laymon)- Your Secret Admirer (guest review by Colum McKnight)

Lee, Frazer- The Lamplighters

Little, Bentley- The Circle
Little, Bentley- The Haunted
Little, Bentely- The Mailman

Malfi, Ronald- The Separation
Malfi, Ronald- Snow

Mannetti, Lisa- Deathwatch

McCammon, Robert R- Mine

McMahon, Gary- What They Hear in the Dark

Meikle, William- Abominable

Newman, James- Animosity

Nicholson, Scott- Crime Beat

Norton, Scott- sWitch

Oliveri, Mike- Inazuma (short story)

Pyle, Daniel- Down The Drain


Rollo, Gord- The Jigsaw Man
Rollo, Gord- Valley of the Scarecrow

Shea, Hunter- Forest of Shadows

Smith, Bryan- Darkened

Strand, Jeff- Dweller
Strand, Jeff- Wolf Hunt

Thompson, Lee- Crooked Stick Figures


Villaverde. Athena- The Starfish Girl

White, Wrath James and Gonzalez, JF- Hero
White, Wrath James- Succulent Prey
White, Wrath James- The Resurrectionist




Guest Posts
Jeff Strand for Laymon Month
Gord Rollo for Laymon Month
Colum McKnight for Laymon Month
Lisa Mannetti for Laymon Month
Neal Hock for Laymon Month
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