Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Succulent Prey by Wrath James White

I once referred to Wrath James White as “the new king of hardcore horror” and Succulent Prey only serves as another piece of grisly evidence to support that claim.

As a young boy, Joseph Miles was abducted and tortured by another child. He managed to escape relatively unscathed…….. until now. It is 15 years later and Joseph is slowly turning into his childhood captor. He has urges to destroy and devour those around him. The only hope he has to save his life- and the life of his only love- is to confront the monster that abused him so many years ago.

In a genre that revels in the disturbing and grotesque it is rare to find a writer who can elevate the level of brutality and gore to the point where the reader is actually shocked. Well, Wrath James White has done exactly that. He has crafted a gag-inducing story that will shock even the most calloused genre veteran. White’s graphic descriptions of Joseph’s exploits are disgustingly engaging. We endure as Joseph meticulously consumes his victims and savors their taste but the ecstasy that jolts through Joseph makes the experience almost beautiful.

Wrath is not content with producing a full out gagfest. Instead he uses the graphic cannibalism to stun the reader while he slowly works a very thought-provoking idea into the mind of the reader. White uses Joseph to introduce the concept that serial killers may be “infected” and, therefore, curable. Joseph cites examples to support his theory and ultimately seeks out the man who infected him. The end result is a novel that will not only challenge the reader’s stomach, but their mind as well.

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