Friday, April 1, 2011

Laymon Month: Welcome

Well the day is finally upon us, my friends. Today marks the start of Laymon Month here at Grade Z Horror! In case you haven't been reading the site lately, for the month of April Grade Z Horror will be devoted to all things Laymon. We will be featuring reviews from some of the most talented people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. There will be some fantastic columns by some of the biggest names in the genre. In short, this is going to be one hell of a good time.

I started thinking about this project back in November when I read The Traveling Vampire show. That book changed me. The direct storytelling was unlike anything I had ever read. Laymon didn't meandor about with prolonged descriptions or explanations- instead, he punched me in the gut without warning. I was hooked. It was at that moment that I became a fan of Richard Laymon.

Three months later I read In The Dark and became a fanatic. I could not believe how Laymon was able to take a simple event and turn it into one of the most brutal literary journeys I've ever embarked on. That book still haunts me on a daily basis.

That was it. I was completely sold. Richard Laymon is now my favorite author and I am helplessy obsessed. It is in this spirit that I wanted to share my love of Laymon with the rest of the world. My goal with Laymon Month is to bring together some amazing people to celebrate the life and works of a literary master. I also hope that new fans and casual fans can use this as a starting point during their journey through the strange and twisted world of Richard Laymon.

Starting Monday, prepare to hold on to your rumps because we begin Grade Z Horror's Laymon Month!


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